ALPHANIUM Internet of Things Controller

Step into the future, make your house/building smart and reduce your electricity bill. Be in control of everything anywhere.

The devices connected to Alphanium can be controlled from any smart device (Laptop, Tablet, Computer, Smartphone) locally from your private network or anywhere in the world.

Simple scheduled automation makes your device start and stop at defined time and dates.

  • Switch on your lights at 19:00 and switch it off at 21:00 everyday
  • Save energy by scheduling shutdown of sockets after midnight standby devices connected will no longer draw electricity
Intelligent Automation , will take necessary actions when required, e.g keep a room temperature at 22 degree celsius every weekday between 19:00 - 23:00

Save energy with Scheduled and Intelligent Automation 

Endless customization to suit your requirements because we made it

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Alphanium will take control of your devices and perform the required actions based on sensor readings.

Shut off main water inlet when leak sensor has been triggered

Keep room at 22 celsius degree between 19h -23h on week days

Save On Energy

Powering off automatically electrical outlets and other devices that consumes electricity when on standby will help you save on  our electricity bill.

Power buses for TV, Game Consoles, STB, DVD Blue Ray Player, etc ..
Microwave oven,Dish washer, Washing Machine, Induction plate, water dispenser etc ...

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduling tasks is simple and useful

Simulate your presence by switching
on and off devices

Switch on and off Perfume diffuser,
anti mosquito, fan, etc...

Mitigate the risk of leaks shut off
main water inlet and Gas inlet

Always Connected

Access your smart home anytime and anywhere

Get alerts on your email 

Be in control and act on any device 


Generation Plus Ltd goal is to provide latest innovative technology. We build our IoT solution from scratch and can meet most of your requirements. Our products are suited for Industrial, agricultural and domestic.   

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