Our controller Alphahydro is tailor made according to your requirements. We will re-wire your existing devices, add sensors and intelligence to your greenhouse turning it into a state of the art, production plant.

  • With sensor driven enviromental control, the greenhouse temperature and hummidity will be kept at the required levels, no more manual intervention is required.
  • Unlimited schedules are now  possible via a simple graphical user interface accessible via any smart device (Irrigation, Flushing, Water Sterilization, Fertilizing, Mist Makers, Heating etc ...) 
  • Remotely interact with your greenhouse perform most of your tasks from the comfort of your chair, there is no longer a need to spend hours on site.
  • Receive email alerts when Alphanium has not been able to perform some tasks , due to power failure, water shortage, etc...
  • With the logged historic data of the environment inside the greenhouse, you now know what climate produced a good harvest. .(Export data logs to Excel for further offline analysis)

Endless customization to suit your requirements because we made it

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Save Time and Energy

There is no longer a need to be permanently on site, no time to waste taking manual reading for the environment. Saver electrical energy, as extractors are only triggered when required based on sensor reading, same for your mist maker and automated UV sterilizing of the pure water tank.


Once the parameters are configured, Alphanium will regulate the environment by actuating the required devices.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduling of tasks have never been simpler just a few clicks is enough to set and visualize all the tasks

Always In Control

It does not matter where you are physically, when schedules are completed or if unusual situations occurs email alerts are sent. Any device can be controlled remotely.  


Generation Plus Ltd goal is to provide latest innovative technology. We build our IoT solution from scratch and can meet most of your requirements. Our products are suited for Industrial, agricultural and domestic.   

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