NeoPixel 8 Bit WS2812 5050 RGB LED
SKU : NeoPixel_8_Bit_WS2812_5050_RGB_LED
8 Bit WS2812 Uniquely addressable RGB Led
Size: 11 * 56.2mm (approx)
Chip: WS2811 (built-in LED)
Voltage: 5V
Bright LED, a built-in control chip, only one IO port can control multiple LEDs
Chip built-in shaping circuit, the signal distortion will not accumulate, stable display
Three-color 256-level brightness adjustment, 16 million color true color display, scanning frequency of not less than 400Hz / S
Serial-level interface, through a signal line, to complete the data reception and decoding
The refresh rate of 30 frames/sec, the low-speed mode with the series of not less than 512 points
Data transceiver speeds up to 800Kbps
Highlight LED, light color brightness consistency
Both ends have a series interface, can be directly connected