Capacitive Proximity Sensor  LJC18A3-H-Z/BX NPN 6-36V
SKU : Capacitive_Proximity_Sensor__LJC18A3-H-Z_BX_NPN_6-36V


  • Shape: diameter 18 mm cylinder 
  • Detection distance: 10 millimeters (mm) Adjustable
  • Setting distance: 0-10 (mm)
  • Sensing object: metal and non-metal such as plastic, glass, water, oil; detection distance varies with different electrical conductivity of the sample, dielectric constant, water absorption, volume grounded metal for maximum detection distance.
  • Operating voltage: 6-36VDC within
  • Output: NPN normally open three-wire
  • Output Current: 300 milliamperes (mA)
  • Output current: three-wire less than 0.8V     


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