Glass Bed 235x235x3mm

Glass Bed 235x235x3mm

SKU : Glass_Bed_235x235x3mm

(OUT OF STOCK) Upgrade Silicon Carbon Ender-3/Ender-3 Pro Build Surface Tempered Glass Plate with Special Chemical Coating 235x235x3mm for MK2 MK3 Hot bed (



The package includes:

1pcs Silicon Carbon Glass Plate

Strong adhesion and clean removal!


1. Clamp the platform to the printer's hotbed.

2. Place the A4 paper on the platform for leveling, and the distance between the nozzle and the platform keeps the A4 paper moving freely

3. Clean the platform surface with alcohol/water (If there is sweat or oil on the platform, which will lead to stickiness.), Suggested bed temperature may vary depends on the filament material.

4. After finish printing, the viscosity of the platform will gradually decrease as the temperature decreases, and the model can be taken after the temperature of the platform is lowered.*The suggested bed temperature range for each type of filaments is shown below:

  • PLA: 50-70 ℃
  • PP: 100-120 ℃
  • ABS: 90-120 ℃
  • TPU: 50-70 ℃
  • PC: 100-120 ℃ 
  • NYLON: 90-120 ℃
  • PETG: 50-70 ℃


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